Monday, January 17, 2011

8.4 Dammit

I love saltwater test kits. Not only do I feel like a lab monkey but am God of their domain!!
Erm. Yeah and I can change the pH. Which definitely needed to be brought up.


  1. So how are you bringing the pH up? Don't add your pH buffer to the tank directly! Mix some in a separate container with tank water and add it in little by little. After you add some, let the tank go for a good 30 min - 1hr at least before retesting the pH.

    Somehow, I have a feeling that what you do to your tank will proportionally affect mine... strange... are you a wizard?

  2. I did not add the buffer directly! I mixed it into a small container of tank water then added in a bit at a time. I have not yet retested it! Will do soon.

    I am indeed a wizard. A wizard of all things awesome and useless. Bwahaha!